The Golf GPS App Designed to Help You Play Smarter Golf

Quickly overlay your typical shot dispersion (aka your 'Shot Pattern') with any club onto any hole in the world, so that you can pick smarter targets, and lower your scores.

Stop scoring below your potential.

Not measuring the safe landing area on your tee and approach shots could be costing you as many as 2-5 strokes per round.

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Feel like you're not scoring the way you're capable of?

If you're not scoring the way you want, it might not be your swing, it might be that you haven't learned how to pick a target based on math.

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Aren't as confident when water and OB are in play?

It's hard to get comfortable over a shot if you don't have the certainty that you've pretty much taken the trouble out of play.

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Game doesn't travel to new courses?

It's so frustrating when your game doesn't show up when you leave your home course. If you don't know where the safe places to miss are, it's hard for your game to travel.

Course management made easy.

We take the guesswork and complexity out of course management by overlaying simple drawings onto beautiful satellite imagery.

Shoot Lower Scores

If you don't currently have a course management system, there's no doubt that you could be scoring better by playing according to your Shot Pattern. If you don't have a system for knowing whether to hit driver off the tee or lay back, you're going to gain more strokes on tee shots with Shot Pattern. If you're getting more aggressive on approach shots to tucked pins because you "have to make birdie," you're going to score lower with Shot Pattern.

Play with More Confidence

When you have a visual that shows you where your ball will likely end up before you even start to swing, it's a lot easier to relax and make your best swing at the ball. You can stop worrying about the ball ending up in trouble, and just let it rip.

Have More Fun

Nobody likes losing golf balls. Once you're picking smart targets based on probability, you're not going to be reaching in your bag for a new ball nearly as often. Sad for the PGA Superstore. Good for you.

Start scoring better today.

Once you understand the size of your shot pattern with each club, the Shot Pattern app makes it incredibly simple to pick a smart target and lower your scores.

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1. Download the Shot Pattern app.

Download the app from the App Store by clicking any of the links on this page or by searching "Shot Pattern." Available for iOS only.

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2. Customize your Shot Pattern numbers.

Create an account and customize your tee shot arcs and approach circles to match your game. For more help, download the getting started guide below.

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3. Start measuring your target areas, picking smarter targets, and scoring better.

Next time you're on the tee box, open the Shot Pattern app and hit "Play Golf" and instantly start measuring the landing areas in front of you. Make sure your entire Shot Pattern is going to stay out of trouble and watch your scores start to drop.

Want some help calculating your shot pattern? We have a "Course Management Made Easy" getting started guide.

Most golf GPS apps are giving you the wrong information.

You need to be measuring the width of the safe landing area on every shot, but other GPS apps don't let you.

Sure, it's nice to know that there's water 141 yards ahead on the left, but most golf GPS apps stop there. What they fail to tell you is how far away from the water you should be aiming so that you can take it out of play. Because the Shot Pattern app allows you overlay your shot pattern onto the hole in front of you, you'll know just where you need to aim so that even your less than perfect shots don't end up in the hazard.

Unmatched Data Tool: Strokes Gained Predictor

We take your shot dispersion and show you your expected strokes gained given any hole and target.

Strokes Gained Predictor Tool Screenshots
Stop Guessing Whether You Should Hit Driver or Iron off the Tee

See strokes gained expectations based on your shot dispersion data. We calculate the lie type and distance remaining for all shots in your dispersion and show you an anticipated strokes gained for a shot given your full shot pattern.

Customizable Strokes Gained Benchmarks

Adjust your strokes gained benchmark to match your playing ability and get an improved understanding for where you need to be in order to play better, smarter golf.

Customize Lie Types

The tool does a great job identifying fairways, greens, bunkers, and water hazards, but sometimes finer control is needed to mark trees, out of bounds, or heavy rough. You can quickly draw in areas with heavier penalties to create projections with unbelievable accuracy.

Creating your shot dispersion scatterplot is easy. Either record your shot data in the app while you play, or upload data from your launch monitor - or both!

Tournament Legal

Shot Pattern is permitted under the rules of golf when in "Official Round" mode when distance measuring devices are allowed.


It starts paying for itself, if (when) Shot Pattern helps you hit fewer balls into hazards.

Free Tier


  • Instantly measure the hole in front of you to find a smart target.
  • Plan out your next round using Course Preview mode.
  • Toggle your view between a tee shot arc and approach shot circle.

Monthly Subscription


  • Unlock all of Shot Pattern's Premium Features
  • Take advantage of our unmatched Strokes Gained Predictor tool and find strokes gained expectations based on your dispersion.
  • Customize the size of your shot pattern during play.
  • Choose your target handicap for strokes gained.
  • Unlock measuring tools & visualize smart targets.
  • Track your shot pattern & dive deep into your stats.
  • Try out premium features with a 1-week free trial.

Yearly Subscription


  • Unlock all of Shot Pattern's Premium Features
  • Includes all features in the monthly subscription, but at a steep discount!
  • Save more than 47%!